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The Center for Eating Disorders provides comprehensive outpatient services. Our treatment team is comprised of professionals from the fields of social work, psychology, medicine, and nutrition, all with specialized training in eating disorder diagnosis and treatment.

The goal of our programs and services is: Recovery. Our client and family-centered team treatment approach offers highly individualized care. It is our aim to resolve eating, weight, and body image issues as well as to resolve key predisposing factors, in order to protect against relapse and to foster resilience and to empower our clients to achieve their full potential.

Our team treatment approach includes individual psychotherapy, medical care and pharmacotherapy, nutrition counseling, Family Based Therapy (FBT), body image classes, trauma evaluation and treatment, couples/marital counseling, and psychoeducation and support groups. Treatment begins with an initial assessment with a clinical specialist to determine a personalized treatment plan that incorporates our range of services. If a higher level of care is recommended, we will assist you in that process. To schedule an initial assessment or for information about any of our services call 734-668-8585.

Community Collaborations

CED is proud to partner with St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor, to launch the Huron Oaks Adolescent Eating Disorder Recovery Program (EDRP), a partial hospitalization service for teens 12-18, male and female, suffering from eating and body image disorders. The EDRP features a mixed gender, blended patient community in a newly renovated ranch-style facility, creating a safe, therapeutic space with lots of sunlight and natural views. Led by Medical Director, Dushyant Trivedi, MD with CED's executive director Judith Banker serving as Clinical Consultant, the EDRP offers a multidisciplinary team approach incorporating family involvement and the most current evidence-based treatments. To schedule a tour or admission: 734-712-5750 or visit stjoeshealth.org/eatingdisorders.

The Center is dedicated to community collaboration.

All of our services are available on a “wrap-around” basis for those in treatment with outside providers. In addition, members of our staff are available to provide in-service training seminars and workshops for area groups or treatment facilities. We invite outside providers to contact us to discuss ways we can support you in the care of your patients with eating, weight, and /or body image issues. Call 734-668-8585 or email info@center4ed.org.

For community therapists/providers:

To refer a patient to the Center for an assessment or complementary services, call 734-668-8585 or email info@center4ed.org. New patients are typically seen within two-three weeks of initial contact. Under urgent circumstances we make every effort to schedule the assessment as soon as possible.

If you plan to continue working with your patient, please contact us if you are interested in coordinating “wrap-around” care, such as nutrition counseling, behavioral treatments, medical management, or support groups, with your current clinical treatment.

Services offered by the
Center for Eating Disorders include:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Medical management
  • Support groups
  • Body image workshops
  • Community outreach & prevention
Current programs
and other services
Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders Treatment Program
Specialized services tailored to the needs of children and adolescents with eating, weight, and body image issues. Family involvement is a key component of our treatment for this age group. Family Based Therapy (FBT) is used whenever possible to support re-feeding and eating habit normalization. Children of any age are eligible for our services. For information or to schedule an assessment call 734-668-8585 or email info@center4ed.org

Bodywise Recovery Program

Specialized program providing a non-diet, psychological and behavioral approach to the treatment of compulsive or emotional eating, binge eating disorder, yo-yo dieting and related disorders. Visit our Bodywise website at www.thebodywiseprogram.com for more information or call 734-668-8585.

Professional Training and Supervision

Judith Banker, MA, LLP, FAED, Center founding director, offers training and supervision in the diagnosis and treatment of eating, weight, and body image disorders. Individual and group sessions offered. For more information call 734-668-8585.

4th Annual Conference on Eating Disorders: Essential Tools for Clinical Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention

Friday, October 14, 2016, 8:30 - 3:30 pm, St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, Main Auditorium. Online registration to open soon at http://www.stjoeshealth.org/eatingdisordersconference.

CED partners each year with St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, to bring the most current clinical and research information about advances in the field of eating disorders. Open to health care professionals, patients, families and the general community. 2016 keynote speakers are: Michael Levine, PhD, international eating disorder prevention expert and Lucene Wisniewski, PhD, international expert on the application of DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) in the treatment of eating disorders.

CED-St. Joseph Mercy Health System Program Partnerships

The Center for Eating Disorders is proud to partner with St. Joseph Mercy Health System to expand eating disorder treatment options in our community including:

Huron Oaks Partial Hospitalization Program services for adults and adolescents with eating disorders (http://www.stjoeshealth.org/eatingdisorders). Open to teens, 13-18, and adults 18 and over these two programs offer a specialized track of services for people with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervoa, binge eating disorder and related disorders. Services are provided by CED and St. Joseph Mercy staff. Call 734-712-5750 to schedule admission.

St. Joseph Mercy - Chelsea will host the newly launched Hungerwise program for people with symptoms of compulsive/binge eating. This innovative community-based group and individual coaching program was developed by CED Clinical Director, Amy Pershing, LMSW. We will be posting registration and further information -- so stay tuned!

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Book Corner

The Center partners with Gürze Books (www.bulimia.com), to offer you the widest selection of books and other resources on eating disorder recovery available.

Our featured title is:
Gaining: The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders
by Aimee Liu